Chapin Alma Mater

Click to hear Chapin's alma mater "Hail to Thee Chapin" performed by
Chapin's 2014-2015 Shades of Blue choir ensemble.

Music by Nellie O'Brien Gipson
Lyrics by Christine Cowan CHS  C/O 2005

Hail to the Chapin
We sing with pride
As we remember 
Our soldiers who died

We take their name
To honor and praise
In bright blues and whites
Our banners we raise

With every challenge
We fight and excel
When we're asked why
Their story we tell

Tradition formed fast
A name to uphold
As Huskies we stand
Unshaken and bold

We pay tribute to
Our soldiers gone
But their memories stay 
And will always live on

We'll go and who, the world, what we know

Through our actions and words
Their glory is shown

Through our actions and words 
Chapin's glory is shown