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Included below are descriptions of programs and classrooms that have specific needs and where your donations could assist us.

For more information regarding any of the programs described, please contact the teacher, adviser, or coach personally.

Thanks to all those in the community who support Chapin High School.


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To see an introductory video about the Advanced Reading Center, click in POLICY and DOWNLOADS, in the VIDEO SEGMENTS folder.

Each year Chapin High School raises funds to provide a binocular eye examination for ninth grade at-risk readers.  Chapin hires local optometrist, Dr. Chris Koplos to conduct the eye tests in the conference room of our library.  Past supporters include the McKee Foundation, Prices Dairies, The EPISD Fund, Mindplay, Inc. 

All donations are greatly appreciated. 

Please contact the Advanced Reading Center at 832-6730 ext. 6215 for more information. 

       The objective of “Eyes to the Future” is to determine if vision is the cause of the student’s inability to read at grade level.  Chapin HS administers the Gates MacGinitie Reading Test to every incoming ninth grader in order to determine reading level.  Those students who read lower than seventh grade are placed into a two-year reading program that utilizes state of the art computer software, high interest reading materials, and creative vocabulary development. These at-risk reading students are, for the most part, economically disadvantaged and have not had the opportunity to have their vision tested or they have not had an exam that focuses on near vision abnormalities.  Dr. Chris Koplos sets up an optometric exam room in the conference room of the Chapin Library and, during class time, gives complete exams (with dilation).  If it is determined that glasses are necessary, Wilson Optical provides lenses/frames for $25.00.  If the doctor recommends eye exercises, those are conducted during class time.  We have criteria that must be met before students are exited from our two-year program; it is our experience that student’s scores increase dramatically after the first year and they move on to other elective classes.


    The purpose of the Advanced Reading Center (ARC) at Chapin High School is to engender a love of reading and to increase reading grade levels. When students don’t read well, they hate reading.  It is amazing to see the reactions of students when they are told that their reading levels are not a result of stupidity or laziness, but quite possibly a result of vision abnormalities. High interest novels are chosen that are read aloud in class—books that speak to their situations and concerns.  Once the eye examinations are completed, the students have their glasses and begin the prism exercises; a change takes place with regards to their attitude and involvement with the written word.  Often, non-readers become frequent patrons of the school library.  Without exception, students exit the program with a totally different concept of reading.