Need Tutoring for Some Classes? Help is Available

Need tutoring for classes to get back on track?
Posted on 01/13/2017
As the semester continues to unfold and assignments come due, talk to your teachers about study habits, missing assignments, and other academic needs.

Other teachers who are available for tutoring in different subjects are listed below.

Chapin High School 2016-2017 Tutoring Schedule
Teachers EXT Rm #
Alvarez, Elda Spanish 14521 B224 M-Th 4-4:30pm M-TH 8-8:30am by appointment
Alvarez, Mario Math 14518 B220 T/Th 8-8:30am
Amerena, Holly SPED 14489 D M-Th 4-4:30pm
Anderson, Cuyler English 14569 S184 M-F 4-4:30pm by Appt
Andrade, Freddy Math 14575 S276 8-8:30am by appt Second Lunch M/W 3:50-5:00pm
Armendariz, Anthony Social Studies 14589 S282 M-TH 4-4:30pm Lunch
Avila, Adrian Science 14542 D258 M-F 8-8:30 am 4-5:00 pm
Barrett, William Social Studies 14566 S187 M-F 8-8:30 Second lunch
Bessey, Claudia Science 14534 C237 M-Th 3:45-4:30pm
Braxton, Matthew English 14472 D257 M-TH 3:45-4:30pm M 7:40-8:30am
Calderón, Pedro Science 14573 S274 M/T/W12-12:30pm Th 8-8:30am 4-5:00pm F by Appt
Carmona, Amanda Social Studies 14564 S185 T/Th 4:30-5:30pm
Chesanek. Curtis Business 14471 D255 M-TH 4-4:30pm
Churchill, Donna English 14476 C248 M-Th 4:30-5:30pm
Contreras, Yolanda Business 14482 D156 W/TH 4-4:30pm
Cook, Pamela Technology 14504 A105 EDD/PS W 4:30-5:30pm
Crank, Anthony Math 14546 G268 M-Th 3:50-4:30pm
Crouse, Cynthia Business 14544 D263 M/W 4-5:30 pm T/Th (A days) 4-5:30 pm
Cruz, Ezequiel Technology 14481 D157 DE/Civil/Computer Science M- 4:30-5:30pm T/Th 4-4:30pm
De La Rosa, Elizabeth English 14508 A201 M-F 3:45-4:30pm T/TH Poetry club 4:30-5:30pm
Dominguez, Benjamin Science 14586 S193 M-F 8-8:30 M/W/Th 4-5pm T/F Odyssey 4-5:30pm
Escobar, Carlos ESOL/English 14527 B228 "A" Lunch "B" 8-8:30am
Frazier, Rebecca English 14569 S184 M-Th 8-8:30am Afterschool by appointment
Gardea, Miriam Science 14524 B229 8-8:30am "A" days M-Th 4-4:30pm Lunch
Garza, Olga Foreign Language 14499 C247 M-F 4-4:30pm
Gilmore, Christopher Science 14505 C146 M-W 7:45-8:30am
Gomez, Mario English 14522 B225 M-TH 8:15-8:30am "A" day second lunch "B" day first lunch
Gonzales, Sandra English 14526 B231 M-TH 4-4:30pm 24 hr notice
Gonzalez, Rebeca Technology 14495 A102 POE M-W 4-4:30pm Th 4:30-5:30pm
Harris, Olivia Social Studies 14511 A204 M-Th 4:30-5:30pm
Heidenreich, Jacob Math 14559 Prt. 9 M-F 8-8:30am 11:50-12:35pm Lunch
Hernandez, Jeffrey Science 14539 C245 M-Th 4:30-5:30pm
Herrera, Estevan Spanish 14533 C236 T/Th 4-4:30pm Other times by appt
Herrera, Michelle English 14593 S195 M-F 4-4:30pm
Huckaby, Ruth Science 14591 S279 M-Th 7:45-8:30am 3:50-4:30pm
Johnson, Angela Math 14572 S273 M/T/TH 3:50-4:30pm
Jones, Matthew Social Studies 14512 A205 M-Th Mornings by appt
Keith, Robert Math 14570 S272 F 8-8:30am
LaMarre, Joyce Science 14585 S191 M-TH 3:50-4:30pm
Livengood, Mark Math 14592 S278 M/T 4-4:30pm
Logsdon, Cody Technology 14496 D259 M-Th 4:30-5:30pm
Love, Gloria English 14498 B218 M-Th 3:50-4:30pm
Macias, Zulema Art 14503 D160 M-TH 4-5:00pm F 4-4:30pm
Maldonado, Luis Spanish 14587 S284 M-F 8-8:30am 11:55-12:30pm 4-4:30pm
Marquez, Jesus Math 14571 S277 M/W/Th 4:00-5:00pm
Masterson, Emily Reading 14584 S194 M-Th 4-4:30pm
Mata, Autumn English 14525 B230 T/TH 4-4:30 pm
McLaughlin, Norma Science 14501 D158 M-F 3:45-4:30pm T/TH 8:15-8:45am
Mendez, Margie Orchestra 64432 F305 Sectionals M/TH 7:20-8:10am Mariachi M/T 4-5:30pm Ind. W/Th 4-5:30pm
Mendoza, Rita Odyssey 14523 C234 M-F 4:30-5:30 pm
Mills, Kevin Math 14555 Prt. 1 T/W 4:00-5:00pm Lunch
Mills, Kristina Social Studies 14583 S196 Lunch(Psychology) M-F afterschool
Mitchell, Kimberly Social Studies 14578 D260 AP M/TH 4-4:30pm Reg T/F 4-4:30pm
Morgan, Francis English 14540 D260 T/TH 3:45-4:30pm
Moore, Elsie Math 14529 D253 M-Th 3:50-4:30pm mornings by appt
Morales, Jose Health 14562 Prt. 4 M-F 8-8:30am
Morales, Stephanie English 14557 Prt. 3 M-Th 3:50-4:30pm
Moreno, Leonel Math 14517 B219 W/TH 4-4:30pm
Muñoz, Omar Foreign Language 14532 C235 T 3:45-4:30pm by appt
Myres, Rogelio Math 14513 A206 M/W 3:50-5:30pm RM234 T/TH 4-4:30pm
Nassi, Maria English 14567 S182 W 4-4:30pm
Newman, Kevin Social Studies 14535 C238 M-W 4-5pm Th-F 4:30-5:30pm Odyssey Lab
Ortiz, Greg Math 14509 A202 Mornings, Lunch, Afterschool
Ortiz, Norma English 14579 C243 M-F Lunch 2 Afterschool by appt
Pacheco, Laura Health 14558 Prt. 8 W 8-8:30am by appt
Padilla, Sylvia Math 14547 G269 M-TH 4-4:30pm
Parsons, Carol Art 14479 D159 M-Th 3:50-5:30pm
Pavoggi, Troy Science 14574 S275 M-Th 4-4:30PM
Perelas, Fabian Math D261 M-Th 4-4:30pm
Perez, Gilbert Health 14556 Prt. 2 M-TH 8-8:30am
Pinto, Aram Math 14563 Prt. 5 T/W 8-8:30am
Pope, Kami FCS 14488 A108 4-4:30 pm A days
Queen, Karl Science 14531 D256 M-F 8-830am Lunch T/W 4-4:30pm
Ramos, Alyssa Math 14576 G270 M-TH 4-4:30pm
Reed, John Social Studies 14537 C241 M-F 8-8:30am lunch
Ritchey, Cody Drama Combination 14490 F301 No tutoring
Rodriguez-Lawson, Jeanna Social Studies 14588 S283 M-Th 4-4:30pm 4:30-5:30pm with 24hr advance notice
Sanchez, SFC ROTC 64427 ROTC M-Th 4:00-5:00pm
Schlett, Stephen Social Studies 14536 C240 M/T/Th 4-4:30pm
Schwartz, Teresa Journalism 14475 A110 M-F 4-4:30pm
Sifuentes-Lujan, Roberto Foreign Language 14530 D254 By appt before school and lunch only
Sifuentes, Carlos Foreign Language 14545 D264 M-Th 8-8:30am
Simon, Deborah Technology 14474 A103 EDD/PS M/T/TH 4-4:30pm
Singleton, Janice Speech 14514 A211 M/T/TH 4-4:30pm
Smith, Ana ESOL 14519 B222 M-Th 4-4:30pm other times by request
Sundermann, Myrna FCS 14510 A203 M-Th 4-4:30pm
Sy, James Science 14590 S281 Zero period C234 & M-Th 4:30-5:30 pm
Tanner, Mark Social Studies 14497 B217 M-F 8-8:30am lunch
Thompson, James English/Speech Combo 14516 A212 T/TH 4-5:30pm
Tovar, Elisa Social Studies 14565 S186 M/T/Th 3:45-4:30pm lunch by appointment
Turner, Matthew Science 14520 B223 M-Th 3:50-4:30pm
Uribe, Arturo Band Director 64431 F307 M-4:30Bass/Guard T-5:00Woodwind W-4:30Drum/Ensemble/Brass
Valdez, Ana Art 14502 D161 M/W 4:30-5:30pm
Vasquez, Chloe Math 14507 A200 M-Th 4:00-5:00pm
Vasquez, Primitivo English 14568 S183 T/W 8:10-8:30am
Vozza, Hillary Reading 14478 A215 M-W 3:45-4:30pm
Warner, Jessica Dance Room 64439 G181 M-Th 4-4:30pm by appointment
Watters, Jonathan Math 14528 D252 Lunch M-F
Weisbart, Craig Technology 14500 D154 M-TH 4:30-5:30pm
Wells, Col ROTC 64427 ROTC M-TH 4:00-5:00pm

Click here to download pdf version Tutoring schedules Spring 2016-2017.pdf

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