Excited about the opportunities and challenges of the year, our theme that WE ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER reassures us all that we can take Chapin to new levels of academic excellence.

Chapin's administrative team is here to assist students, parents, and faculty as quickly and efficiently as possible. 

Chapin's faculty, staff, and administrative team pride themselves on their ability to respond to our students' needs in many different ways.  We invite families to familiarize themselves with the learning opportunities each class, sport, and organization provides. Additionally, we urge families to make sure they understand all course and extra-curricular guidelines so that students receive the best learning experiences that Chapin can provide.

If you have any other questions, please contact us at the school. (915-236-4400)

Parents should note the new information wall outside of the Attendance Office.  For more information regarding parent involvement and volunteering, please contact Ms. Bonnie Logsdon at 915--236-4400.


TheEl Paso Independent School District does not discriminate in itseducational programs or employment practices on the basis of race,color, creed, age, sex, religion, national origin, marital status,ancestry, citizenship, military status, mental or physical disability,gender stereotyping and perceived sexuality, or on any other basisprohibited by law. Inquiries concerning the application of Titles VI,VII, IX, and Section 504 may be referred to the District complianceofficer, Patricia Cortez, at 230-2033; Section 504 inquiries regardingstudents may be referred to Cecilia Whiteman at 230-2836.

ElDistrito Escolar Independiente de El Paso no discrimina en los programasde educación o en prácticas de empleo usando el criterio de raza,color, credo edad, sexo, religión, origen nacional, estado civil,ascendencia, ciudadanía, estado militar, discapacidad física o mental,estereotipo sexual o sexualidad percibida, u otra práctica prohibida porla ley. Preguntas acerca de la aplicación del título VI, VII o IX, y laSección 504 pueden ser referidas al oficial del distrito, PatriciaCortez al 230-2033; preguntas sobre 504 tocante a estudiantes pueden serreferidas a Cecilia Whiteman al 230-2836.