Gomez, Mario

Hi. My name is 
Mario Gomez.

Gomez and son

I believe in the power of "progressive teaching" in an era in which standardized testing has depleted critical thinking skills and individual learning. We practice 21st century learning skills in my classroom by continuously engaging in project based learning.  My goal is to also get students to read as many books as possible because the #1 indicator of student success is the number of books students read.  My goal is to find the perfect book for every student based on interest and reading ability. Parents, students, and visitors, if you have any books that you would like to donate to my classroom library, please contact me; your generosity would be very much appreciated. As a coach, my goal is to be a transformational coach and have a greater impact on athletes beyond winning and losing.

For more information on our class website, please use the direct link below. Each student has a specific log in and password to our classroom website. Each parent also has the opportunity to log in with their own unique username and password. If you are interested in getting a log in name, please contact me and I will provide a log in name and password for you. 

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