Alvarez, Elda

Hello. My Name is 
Elda Alvarez.

Don Quixote

Hi, I am Mrs. Alvarez.  I been teaching Spanish at Chapin High School since 2010. My specialty is Spanish for Native Speakers. I am currently teaching Spanish 1 SS, Spanish 2 SS, and Spanish 3 PAP.

Welcome to my homepage! 
I would like to tell you that I love teaching Spanish to my students as this allows them to gain the knowledge necessary to be more competitive in their lives.  Living in one of the largest border regions in the world, the ability to write and speak Spanish provides my students with the opportunity to be more competitive in their working careers.  Teaching Spanish also allows me to learn from my students about current issues and new technology as we have daily in-class discussions about this topics. It is estimated that next to the Mandarin Language, the Spanish Language is the second most spoken language in the world followed by the English Language.  Being part of the Paso Del Norte Region the importance of knowing the English and Spanish Languages provides students a competitive advantage that will assist them in their chosen career paths.


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