Garza-Demeneghi, Olga

Hello My Name Is...

Olga Garza-Demeneghi

I am from Mexico.  I majored in German and I am also certified by the SBEC which fully qualifies me to teach High School German as it is expected.  Learning German as a second language, taught me the structure and grammar rules; therefore, I am able to teach the students the correct and proper way of speaking German.

The class will focus on dialogues, vocabulary, spelling, grammar, culture, and reading. Here are a few helpful suggestions to learn the language:

1.  Strive to pronounce German well.  This can be accomplished by consciously repeating the pronunciation drills in class.
2.  Do the memorizing part required in a language class.
3.  Take advantage to hear and speak German. 
4.  Be aware that exercises and drills presented in class must be do more than once; therefore, reinforcing the objectives taught should be practiced four to five times, especially for structures that seem difficult.
5.  Do what is assigned with gusto!
6.  Don't get behind.  "Cramming" a course is never successful.

My conference period is from 11:10 to 11;55.