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The goal of the Texas State Literacy Plan (TSLP) is to ensure that every Texas child is strategically prepared for the literacy demands of college and career by high school graduation.  To achieve this goal, the plan centers on the integration and alignment of early language and pre-literacy skills for children 0 to school entry and on reading and writing instruction for students in kindergarten through grade 12.  The TSLP outlines practices and systems in schools, homes, and childcare settings that support successful literacy development and college and career readiness.

 from Texas Education Agency/The University of Texas System

Chapin has always had a fine-tuned focus on literacy.  For over a decade, Chapin has tested all incoming ninth graders for reading grade levels in order to provide interventions for those students who struggle with reading.  Chapin also arranges free optometric exams for at-risk reading students to insure that poor vision is remedied.  Moreover, Chapin is able to show growth in student performance by years of comparisons between beginning of the year reading scores and end of the year reading scores for its ninth grade population.   Given this background, the blending of the Texas Literacy Initiative and Chapin High School reflects the promise of state and community to give students a successful future. 

School year 2013-2014 was the first year Chapin became a TLI campus.   The Grant requires that the campus create and maintain a yearly DIP (Data Informed Plan) allowing for continual and consistent updating of our plans/actions and evaluating their effectiveness.  Year one participation in the grant provided the following:  Teacher IPADs for all English/Reading Teachers, one instructor selected class set of novels for each English/Reading teacher, 544 student IPADs, 17 IPAD carts, 44 academic Apps, and a wide selection of classroom materials.  IPAD carts are shared in clusters of core classroom teachers allowing for all content areas to benefit from this awesome technology. 

School year 2014-2015 continued to be productive as the TLI grant provided two additional mini IPAD carts with 30 mini IPADs each, 180 IPAD Air (s), and another 6 carts.  In addition, the grant also provided the highly acclaimed My Virtual Reading Coach Software as well as the RAPs 360 Reading Assessment.   Chapin tested all students in grades 9-12 using the Gates MacGinitie Reading Tests in the fall.  The end of the year will bring the Gates MacGinitie post testing of all grade levels in order to show reading growth by student.  This data will allow our campus to see the benefits of our curriculum as well as ensure TLI grant compliance.

School year 2015-2016 promises to be exciting in the world of TLI as Chapin will have the ability to provide reading scores for all students using computer software allowing for Beginning of the Year, Middle of the Year, and End of the Year tracking of reading levels.  TO READ IS TO LIVE!!