Ezequiel Cruz, AP Computer Science

Hello everyone welcome to my district home page!

Mr. Cruz

Tutoring: M 4:30 - 5:30
Wed - Th 4:00 - 5:30
(NOTE: Subject to instructor availability)

NAME: Ezequiel Cruz - M.Ed.

SCHOOL: Captain John L. Chapin HS


SCHOOL PHONE: 915-236-4400

EMAIL: ecruz1@episd.org

About Mr. Cruz

Hello my name is Mr. Cruz and this is my 10th year teaching at Chapin HS. My background is in Electronics Engineering with Bachelor's degrees in CS, CIS, and a Master in Educational Technology. I always expect an interesting and productive year from all my courses. I look forward to having my students in class. My objectives and expectations with your children are the same as yours parents. They are held to a high standard and I will encourage them to put forth their best effort always - I am firm but I am fair.                      

Mission Statement

I will use my Education, Engineering Background, and Professional Training to help develop, mentor, and prepare our youth for their future. I will accomplish these goals through classroom instruction, one on one tutoring and technology driven solutions and instruction. Students will leave my courses prepared for their next course. I will encourage them to continue developing sound studying habits and initiative so that they may excel in their academic careers.

Teaching Philosophy

I will create, encourage, and monitor a safe and productive learning environment for all my students. My teaching style attempts to address the needs of my students with simplistic methods of content delivery. Students are given ample opportunities to excel in my courses. Through respect, discipline, and initiative, my students and I will experiment with technology and discover and apply many applications to enrich their understanding and help them develop life-long learning.