Jesus Marquez, AP Calculus



I have a BS in Computer Science from Park University Ft. Bliss and 42 graduate hours in Mathematical Education from Universidad Autonoma de Ciudad Juarez. I have been teaching at Chapin High School since August 2005 as a mathematics teacher and sponsor for Chapin's math and High-Q team.

My schedule is:

C1 - Algebra I Trailer
C2 - AP Calculus AB/BC
C3 - AP Calculus AB/BC
C4 - AP Calculus AB/BC
C5 - AP Calculus AB/BC
C6 - Prep
C7 - Precalculus
C8 - Prep

Math and High-Q Team Practice hours 4:00-5:00pm
Monday - Number Sense
Tuesday - High-Q
Wednesday - Calculator Applications
Thursday - Mathematics

Math Team

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