Academic Performance

Captain John L. Chapin is an accredited high school that offers high school students a proper and appropriate Texas diploma.

As students transfer to El Paso ISD, and to Chapin High School, they will be enrolled once proper transfer and enrollment paperwork has been provided. 

Once enrolled, students will meet with guidance counselors who will build the best possible schedule based on the students' official transcripts, audits of previously completed courses, available classes, interests, and abilities. Course offerings may change each year, but Chapin strives to provide students will many engaging classes, clubs, and athletic opportunities.

All students must follow assigned schedules and comply with course guidelines to earn appropriate graduation credits, endorsements and any other graduation requirements.

Students who choose to enroll in Pre-AP, Advanced Placement, and Dual Credit Courses may have more academic demands and students are urged to select courses where they can meet interests, time and academic requirements of the courses. Parents/Guardians and students are urged to maintain contact with all teachers to establish successful communication and support throughout the year.

Please be advised that ALL PRE-AP and AP English, AP US History courses have summer reading assignments.

Those assignments are posted at the beginning of the summer on the website and on the teacher sites. Families who transfer during the summer are urged to seek out summer assignments information from the website, guidance office, or teacher websites. These summer assignments are usually due within the first term, but not on the first day of school. As such, no student is at a disadvantage and has an the opportunity to participate.

If you are interested in yearly accountability scores, please access the databases from  TEA for specific scores about our campus, area schools, and all El Paso school districts. Many of your questions about different schools' scores and course offerings can be found on official Texas sites.