Chapin's December scholars honored

Huskies earn academic recognition, prepare for graduation
Posted on 12/15/2016
College Board recognized five senior Huskies for their academiic  excellence in the announcement of this year's National Hispanic Scholars. 

Based on their 2015 PSAT scores, the following students were selected in the 5000 seniors across the nation.

Ramon Ogaz,
Diego Lopez-Tarango 
Nicholas Gonzalez-Arras
John Rovin
Vivian Calderon

Six Huskies were recognized as candidates for December graduation on December 16 during the Graduation Breakfast. These students have finished their coursework but can still choose to participate in the June ceremony at Don Haskins. 

Congratulations goes to:

Gerardo Canizales
Juan de Dios Fraire Sanchez
Qiana Jurado
Andres Ortega Bueno
Jose Sanchez
Tyra Wadley