Computer Laptop Updates for New and Returning Students

September is Computer Laptop Month: See upcoming dates!
Posted on 08/31/2016

Included below is the current information regarding the distribution of new laptops.  

***Note*** Parent and Student Informational Powerpoints are linked at the bottom of the page and are also available in the Policy & Downloads section of the website.

September 1: All currently issued laptops will be checked during period 2.

September 6: Parent laptop orientation meeting in Theater from 6:00-7:00. We highly recommend parents attend this meeting.

September 6-9: Parents/guardians and students complete laptop agreement. Agreement can be completed through Parent Portal or hard copy. Science teachers will distribute and collect hard copies of agreement. Agreements will be distributed to science teachers once Central Office delivers agreements to campus.

September 13-16: Laptop distribution through science classes. Laptops will be distributed out of the Library. Deployment schedule will be emailed to science teachers. Students will need ID and laptop agreement to receive a device from the Library on deployment day. Agreements completed through the Parent Portal will be verified when students come to the Library with ID during their scheduled distribution times.

Student 2_PowerUP Student Laptop and 365 Orientation.pps

Parent 2_Parent Presentation.pps

EPISD Power -Intro from EPISD TV STUDIO on Vimeo.