Exam Exemption Policy Information

Exam Exemption Policy Information
Posted on 12/10/2014
Students who wish to attempt exam exemptions for the fall semester need to be aware of the following guidelines.

1. Exemption forms will ONLY be available in the library. There are plenty of printed forms available. The responsibility to pick up the forms before Monday at noon rests with the student.

2. Students can pick up forms before school, during lunch and after school ONLY. Bonnie Logsdon or Pete Biddle are available no earlier than 7:45 in the morning, both lunches and are here until 5:00pm for the rest of the week. Students have plenty of opportunities to pick up forms. 

3. Last opportunity for forms will be 12:00 noon on Monday December 15th.  NO EXCEPTIONS.

4. Teachers are responsible only for verifying semester grades on the forms and attendance. There is a place on the form for the students to write their grade and attendance.

5. Student forms need parent signatures for exemption approval.

We stopped having the students print their attendance and grades last year to save paper. Most students have a smart phone and can show you their grades through parent portal if necessary.

For further information, contact Pete Biddle in the school library.