New Student ID cards issued when school begins

Students must have 2017 ID cards no later than Sept 2
Posted on 08/14/2016
Student ID  cards will  be issued beginning August 22.

Students new to Chapin will  receive their first ID card for free.
Returning students need to swap their old ID cards for new ones, or pay the replacement cost of $5.00

All students must have ID cards no later than September 2.

After Sept 2, all students will pay $5.00 to receive or replace their ID cards.  Security and teacher checks will begin Sept 6.  ID cards must be visible for administrators, teachers and security to see.

ID Card stations will be available before school (until 8:35), during  lunches, and after school (until 4:30).

Teacher can also make appointments for classes to gain cards when they report to the Book Room  to issue laptops and textbooks.  Make sure to have your old card when you go with your class to the Book Room so that you will not collect an IOU.

Thanks  to everyone for their flexibility in issuing cards differently than we have in the past.

For more information, please call Chapin at 915-236--4400.